SEND Report


At Cecil Jones Academy we have a wide and varied cohort with nine per cent of the students supported on the SEND register. We support students in the four broad areas of SEND:

1. Communication and Interaction
2. Cognition and learning
3. Social, Emotional and Mental Health
4. Sensory and/or Physical

Miss Hickman is the SENCo at Cecil Jones Academy and she heads a dedicated team of 15 Co-Educators and four Progress Mentors.

At Cecil Jones Academy students are assessed half termly in addition to having their reading and spelling abilities tested annually. From this information and through consultation with students, teachers and their parents a decision is made whether a student needs additional support from the SEND department.

Additional support is provided in a variety of ways, depending on the individual needs of the student. We provide in-class support, interventions during tutor time and targeted 1-1 support for those students with more complex needs. We also provide homework support before school.

Students who receive additional support are monitored and reviewed termly. They are consulted; their views are recorded through a one page profile and an Individual Support Plan (ISP). This information is then shared with the student, their parents/carers and the student's teachers.

On transition into the academy there is close liaison with our surrounding junior schools and SEND students have the opportunity to come into school in small groups to tour the academy, take photos and meet key staff. We recognise the importance of smooth transitions and plans are made according to the individual needs of the student.

Moving on from Cecil Jones Academy is equally important and we liaise with further education providers and support students with applications and interviews to enable them to continue with their education at an appropriate placement. Transitional reviews also take place at all Key Stage transitions where the students are consulted and advised about option choices, further training and education.

All students at Cecil Jones Academy have quality first teaching and for those where additional adaptations are required the class teacher and SEND team work closely together to ensure information and strategies are shared.

All new staff receive training with the SENCo and SEND strategies form a regular part of the Continual Professional Development of all staff.

SEND staff as well as Year Leaders and Progress Leaders regularly liaise with staff from outside agencies whether it be through and Team Around the Child approach or written reports to ensure students are supported holistically.

At Cecil Jones Academy all students are encouraged and supported to develop extra-curricular skills and students with additional needs continue to play an active role in sports and performance as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.