Post 16 News and Events


Mooting Competition

In January 2017, two students from Year 12, Buce Gurgen and Granit Krasniqi (with Alec Hamilton as our reserve), took part in a Mooting Competition organised by Giles Wilson Solicitors. This is a mock court case in which students present the arguments of a case to a panel of 'Court Judges' (which could be made up of solicitors, lawyers, barristers and/or court judges) who might interrupt the presentations at any time to ask for clarification, as might happen in a court of law. In each round, the teams put forward their arguments not only to the panel of Judges, but also in front of an audience of invited guests.

Using the evidence provided for the competition, the competitors have to support the case they have been asked to put forward and be prepared to defend their arguments based on their thorough knowledge of the case materials.

Participants are judged on: their ability to summarise the facts and link them to the law during their presentation; how they can structure an argument, whilst working effectively as a team and using their limited time efficiently; their ability to think on their feet and answer the Judges' questions creatively and intelligently; and their flexibility to adapt their arguments as necessary whilst still delivering their points to the Judges, with due respect to the language and conventions of a court of law.

This year is the first time that Cecil Jones Academy has taken part and, although we did not progress to the semi-finals, our two representatives acquitted themselves well and, as an academy, we have learnt a great deal from our trail-blazers, who have put us in a better position to take a team further in the event next year.

Congratulations are due to the participants, and their support team, for their courage and commitment to the competition.

Year 13 student voted onto Youth Council

Cecil Jones Academy are proud to announce the Eddie Feddon, Year 13, was voted as Deputy Youth Mayor for 2016. Eddie will be up for re-election this March. Good luck to him from the Post 16 team. We are rooting for you Eddie!

(Left photo: Eddie (on the left) with the Youth Mayor John)

(Right Photo: With the Mayor of Southend, Cllr Judith McMahon after she had presented them with their Chains of Office after their election.)

Judging floats at the Leigh Lights Festival and at the Remembrance Sunday Parade.


Year 12 and 13 'Dead-End'

As part of Safer Essex Roads Partnership's (SERP) road safety programme, in January, Year 12 and 13 students were visited by Collingwood Learning who performed 'Dead End'. This initiative was intended to highlight driver responsibilities, as well as passenger responsibilities at a time when students may travel with newly qualified drivers.

'Dead End' is delivered through incredibly powerful monologues interspersed with theatrical action, and imagery via a projection screen. We see the build-up to, and consequences of two crashes as the audience is guided through the key messages. Designed for this age group, the performance uses a 'talking heads' style approach with graphic descriptions of the crashes and the emotional scars. The performance has been particularly effective as a means of communicating powerfully with young people, who have proved highly receptive to this more sophisticated and emotive approach.

Aaron, a year 12 student, said the message was very powerful and this enrichment activity was the best yet that the Academy has arranged.

Key messages: Don't Drink/Drug Drive; Wear Seatbelts;

Don't Distract the Driver; Don't Speed or Show Off.


Enrichment and Career Ready at Post 16

As part of the Enrichment programme for Post-16 students, a number of speakers have been invited to Cecil Jones.

Since September, our students have had the opportunity to hear from and pose questions to representatives from a range of universities who have given an insight into the benefits of studying at university, how to choose a course and where to study, the application process and student life, as well as information about a wealth of courses available to them. Unifrog has explained its search and comparison program for helping make decisions about post-A level courses; and Student Finance England described in detail the student loans system.

Students have also benefitted from visits by Career Ready Southend who have covered topics such as what employers look for, CV writing and interview techniques; and representative from NHS, HMRC and Adventure Island speaking about the range of skills required in employment and the skills that can be developed, as well as the wide variety of job types offered by some of the employers. A visit from Army Careers is due in March.

The National Citizenship Service regularly speaks to students giving them the opportunity to join their highly respected activity/volunteering programme. The Alzheimers' Society delivered a presentation on this debilitating condition and provided information on volunteering opportunities for young people to support staff and clients receiving help from the Society. The Teenage Cancer Trust spoke to students to raise their awareness of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, recognising early warning signs and the various treatments available. The talk, although with a serious and potentially life-saving message, was delivered in an informative but fun way which engaged the students at the appropriate level.

All Year 12 students will have the opportunity to receive independent advice and guidance at the post-A Level fairs being held in March and June this year. The first will take place at the Emirates Stadium and the second at the University of Essex in Colchester, giving the students the chance to also experience first-hand a campus-based university.

Interested students have attended or will be attending: a Medical Insight Day at Southend Hospital delivered by medical staff from a range of areas within the hospital, from students through to experienced consultant surgeons; a Medical Experience Day in March; a Careers in Investment Management Insight Day with Investment 2020, where students had the opportunity to hear from and speak to representatives from some of the major financial institutions; and a three-day conference at the London Institute of Banking and Finance. Places at a Summer School for students interested in careers within the science, technology, engineering and maths are on offer, together with the opportunity throughout the year for students wishing to 'try out' a degree course to attend Taster Days at one of the London universities.

In January, we were privileged to be visited by a touring theatre group from Collingwood Learning who performed a thought-provoking road safety dramatization aimed at raising the awareness of the dangers especially for young drivers and passengers; and, for the first time, our Year 12 students were also invited to take part in a mock courtroom competition, acquitting themselves well in the process.