Collegiate System

January 2016 heralds the implementation of a collegiate system at the Academy. The benefits of such a system have long been acknowledged across a variety of educational institutions. Collegiate systems facilitate close-knit communities within the wider context of the educational setting. They also promote healthy competition, the meeting and mixing of students across different subject areas and the sharing of non-academic interests as well as a wide variety of activities and sport.

The college names are Apollo, Athena and Poseidon. The Academy felt that the symbolic representation should have a link with Pegasus. The winged horse has, since the conception of Cecil Jones been our logo. Pegasus is a symbol of protection and strength and brings inspiration to the lives of all encountered.

2016/17 Charities:

Each college has a charity assigned to them; the charity is chosen by student vote and changes every academic year. Throughout the year, students will take part in inter-college tournaments and extra-curricular activities to win college points raise money for their college charity.

Apollo - Smile Train

This is an international children's charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. Smile train provides training, funding, and resources to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities. They use the "teach a man to fish" model focusing on training local doctors to perform cleft repairs in their communities. Those doctors then go on to train other doctors creating a long-term, sustainable system. Patients see their smile for the first time, parents cry tears of joy, lives and communities are changed forever.

Athena - Sunflower Trust

The Sunflower Trust provides financial assistance to children with special needs who live within the borough of Southend. With monies received, the charity is able to fund specialist equipment, social and healthcare education and personal development which enables the children to reach their individual potential as well as Family Support for the child in crisis situations.

Poseidon - Southend Taxi Driver's Charity

The Charity was founded in 1972. The objective is to take 150 local children in need on an annual outing by taxi, which they might not otherwise get. They also hold an annual Easter Party at St Thomas Moore School for sick and disabled children and their families and/or carers and by invitation of the London Taxi Drivers Charity fund, they take 50 children to an annual event at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, which is attended by various Celebrities from stage, television and the music industry.